Turning a quarter of a century old and the wisdom that comes along.

13450746_10156988378000573_979684289382803669_nWith age comes wisdom. Turning a quarter of a century old very soon has pushed me to reflect on my journey so far. I have had my fair share of ups and downs, successes and failures. Thousand of lessons have been picked up along the way over the past two decades of my life… and I have narrowed down the most important ones in this article.

  • Travel as much and as far as you can.

Travel to other parts of the world and get yourself lost in various cultures. Travel on the cheap. Book an air ticket and fly to places you’ve never been. Go backpacking. Go camping. Wander in lost cities. Speak local. Eat local food and learn from locals. Experience things. The world is full of surprises so please I beg you.. just put yourself out there.

  • Be yourself, always.

You will come across a lot of people that will fake their personality. Fake their lives. Pretend to be people they are not. Do not be one of them. My biggest advice here is to always stay true to yourself. Do not trade your values for a temporary reward. Be the person you claim to be and nothing else.

  • Set high standards, or at least have some sort of standards.

Do not settle for less. Do not settle for mediocrity. Do not settle for something when you know that deep down you deserve better. Do not allow yourself to get stuck. Know your worth. Hold on to your principles and values. Those are your pillars in life.

  • Be grateful, always.

Do not take things or people for granted. Do not just take anything for granted. Be grateful for what you already have today because tomorrow it can be gone in the blink of an eye. Be grateful to your Creator. Be grateful for your next breath.

  • Happiness lies in your own hands.

There is no pursuit of happiness. Happiness is not a final destination.You create your own happiness along the way. Though it can be more or less influenced by circumstances and situations, at the end of the day, happiness remains a personal choice that lies most of the time in the simple things of life. Another way to look at it is to understand that happiness comes hand in hand with gratefulness.

  • Dream big.

Always dream big and learn how to protect your dreams. Impossible is just a word that has been created by cowards. Even the word itself says it all ” IM POSSIBLE”..

  • No pain no gain.

Set goals and objectives and work hard for it. Whatever you sow now, you will reap it later..

  • Open your eyes to opportunities.

Be an opportunist at some point. Be open to opportunities and think twice before dropping one.

  • Take risks.

Take risks because those that do not take risk will accomplish nothing in life. Trust your guts. Trust your heart. And go for it if that is what you want. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. Greater things await you.

  • Failures are okay.

Fail a lot, fail often but be a quick learner. Bad experiences should not change nor define an individual. It should make you a better person as you pick lessons out of them.

  • Be obstinate.

Do not ever give up. Give it a shot. Fail. Learn. Try again. Repeat this cycle until you get where you want to be next. But do not think about giving up. Keep going.

  • Patience is a virtue.

“Seek help in patience and prayer, Indeed God is with the patient” Holy Quran 2:45. Learn how to be patient in difficult moments.

  • Family is everything.

Sit and have a moment with you father. One day, you wont have him in front of you. Take your mum out for dinner. Go watch a movie with your siblings. Just spend time with your family and always make them a priority in your life.

  • Priority Vs Option.

Understand the difference between these two words. You make time for a priority. You go out of your way for a priority. You put effort in it. By contrast, options are possible alternatives you decide to keep aside in case they might be of use later on. Truth is, many people, just to be on the safe side, will keep you as an option in their life. Be smart enough to recognize it. Respect yourself enough to not accept it and most importantly, be brave enough to walk away.

  • Drop your ego and learn how to feed your soul.

Putting your pride away is a sign of maturity. Accept the fact that you ain’t perfect and will never be. Recognize your mistakes and apologize. Do not loose people just because your ego took over. Make amends when required.

  • Do not seek revenge.

What goes around comes back around.  Do not seek revenge. Learn how to forgive instead.

  • Fall hard when it comes to love.

Do not play mind games. Do not wait days to reply to a text. It is just a waste of time and energy. Put your walls down when you feel it is the right person. Allow yourself to feel. Love with every bone of your body. Compromise when needed.

  • Remove toxic people out of your life.

You do not need a thousand friends. You just need few of them on who you can count. Know them and keep that circle small.

  • Live a life with no regrets.

Whatever the decision you take, just think about it twice. Weight the pros and cons to avoid in the future that awful feeling called “regret”that can haunt us sometimes for a lifetime. Decisions trigger consequences. Remember that.



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