Selamat datang … Indonesia!


When wanderlust catches you, chances are that you will end up booking a flight and see yourself at the nearest airport without even realizing it. Wanderlust is a disease that I have personally defined as the inability to stay in one place – a disease that triggers within you a strong desire to hit the road all over again. I associate wanderlust with the unknown. Uncertainty. Flexibility. Risks. Restless feet that push you to step out of your comfort zone. To make it simple, wanderlust is a strong and inner force that you develop over time that unable you to stay in one place but brings you at the same time, constantly to the same place…the road.  

I have been associated and called by many words. Traveler. Backpacker girl. Nomad. Wanderer and to be honest, I don’t have any preference. I guess I have adopted them all quite well. But here is my story. Wanderlust has caught me somehow. I have dedicated my heart to the road and I have given up plenty of comforts just for the sake of travel. I must admit that I am madly sick when it comes to travelling. What if you have this continual urge to hit the road and explore what the world has to offer all the time? Hard to recover from it right? But this time, out of the hundred countries listed on my bucket list, Indonesia was not only an acceptable explanation to my wanderlust disease, but was also, the destination that was written on my departure board at the airport.

With more than seventeen thousand islands, Indonesia represents the largest “island country” in the world with Bali being the most visited island of the archipelago. I would describe it as a land of peace that gathers a majority of Muslims – ranking the state as the most populous Muslim-majority country of the world – mixed up with a minority of Buddhists, Hindus and Christians.

There are a thousand reasons why I would recommend you to visit this country.

First of all, because Mother Nature has been very generous to that piece of land. Indonesia which is also known as the “Pacific rim of fire” is home to more than a hundred volcanoes that boasts some of the most gorgeous sunsets in the world. Mount Penanjakan that overlooks Mount Bromo Volcano is a must-do. Go to Indonesia because you will enjoy watching sunsets everyday. Sunsets at the Rock bar in Bali are incredibly magical. As the sun goes down, the beautiful ocean will leave you speechless. Dreamland beach is by far one of my favorite spots at sunset time where surfers and body-boarders will meet up in the background to kill some waves.

Travel to Indonesia because the beaches in Gili Islands will blow off your mind. You will enjoy snorkeling and diving there, given the fact that the archipelago is worldly known for its rich and diverse underwater world. Looking at corals and fishes will therefore become your favorite daily activity, as it did for me, believe me. But most importantly, go to Indonesia to snorkel at night time in Gili Air and let the magic take you to cloud nine. You will never forget what you will see. 

Travel to Indonesia, because the wild landscapes, picturesque mountains and stunning waterfalls will leave you begging for more. Hire a motorbike for the day and just go around the tea and coffee plantations but make sure that you have a life insurance though.. when I say that the traffic is crazy, I am not kidding!

Travel to Indonesia and meditate or do some yoga exercises, it will unwind you. The unique architecture of the mosques and the peaceful atmosphere in there, will make your heart and mind at peace. Travel to Indonesia and do not forget to pay a visit to the countless temples in Ubud and elsewhere, the offering of food at the doorstep and the beauty of the status will catch your attention for sure.

Travel to Indonesia and immerse yourself in the amazing and rich culture of the country. Get a taste of the delicious food there, it will without any doubt keep you hungry all day long. Order a Mi goreng (dish made of fried noodles mixed up with chicken, eggs and veggies) or a Satay (chicken skewers) and do not forget to try the local beverages. A fresh glass of ice lemon tea for brekkie, lunch and dinner (and why not post-dinner).

Fly to Indonesia and get to know the local peeps. They are known for having amazing souls.. You will easily talk to your taxi driver and crack some jokes along the way, have a chat with your guide or meet a complete stranger and discuss the history and wildlife of the country. Be random, be weird or be just yourself, people will still want to get to know you.

Embark on a journey to Indonesia and enjoy the uniqueness of the cafés with chill out live band music on the beach in Semyniak. Light up a candle, make a wish and release the paper lantern into the night sky (still waiting for my wish to become true.. just saying!). Take a ride with a Cidomo (horse-drawn carriages) in Trawangan, one of the craziest places I have ever been to. You will meet many alive versions of Bob Marley there.

Get a one ticket to the moon and chances are, that you may want to stay there. There are a thousand reasons why you should travel to Indonesia at least once in your life. I have stated few of them, but the list remains exhaustive. Now it is your turn to go there and be your own judge. Try it. Make up your own opinion. Because if you never try you will never know right?

Jah bless.



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